Canna Clawz Grinders FAQ's

Grinders are the surefire apparatus every dry-herb consumer has to get the best finely ground bud for every puff. Grinders often come in two-, three-, and four-piece designs to suit your needs and have a lifetime warranty!

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to grinders:

What Are Some of the Key Features of Canna Clawz Grinders?

The Canna Clawz four-piece metal grinders are unique in their streamlined and flashy presentation, but also smooth use. They have a magnetic lid, interleaved blades, a durable screen filter, and a magnetic catcher base. They are medical-grade quality and are also the most spacious on the market. Here’s a breakdown of the features:

Magnetic Lid

The unique multi-directional blade system lets you decide your grind. Turn left for a coarse cut, or right for a fluffy flower, cut is based upon which direction you choose. The US Patent designed lid is made of a durable alloy, your friends will it steal long before it breaks. It comes in a futuristic anodized bright finish, as well as shiny color variants.

Interleaved Blades

The stylish blades have a deep cavity for a higher capacity of flower. They are precision-spaced and frictionless for superior results. There is a turning L that cunningly forces the flower through, so you don’t miss anything, and they are completely threadless. They shred through anything, including coffee beans. Get caffeinated and smokey!

Durable Screen Filter

The remarkable screen filter helps eliminate gunk that usually builds on ordinary grinders, so this way you aren’t cleaning as often. It is securely set with inline grooves and there are no tools required to change, Merely apply pressure with your finger and it pops right out. See how easy that is?

Magnetic Catcher Base

Get all the kief you need with the spherical dish base, high-quality finish, and a smooth radius ridge design for easy cleaning.

What Kind of Canna Clawz Grinders Are There?

They have two grinder options available, depending on how heavy-duty your cannabis enjoyment is:

The Cannaclaw

The Cannaclaw is a sleek 2.5-inch diameter metal grinder. It is compact, easy to use, and quick to throw in your bag for the on-the-go experience. It comes in six color variants and is worth the 99.99 price tag. For the artistic types, the Cannaclaw is also offered in a stunning custom line of airbrush grinders. Check out the Bushido Blue, Violet Wisp, Nebula Rising, and Jade Smoke.

The Kingclaw

Hail to the king! For the hardcore shred disciples, the Kingclaw is a mighty 3.5-inch diameter and is their top-of-the-line grinder. It is designed to withstand a lot of precision bud grinding and it also comes in wonderful color options. Available on the site for 149.99.

What Size Herb Grinder Should I Buy?

Everyone has different needs and uses for their cannabis experience, and our Canna Clawz are no different. We make it simple to choose from. If you know you won’t use too much at once and like portability, the Cannaclaw is perfect for you. It also has the airbrush custom series, so you can show it off to your friends.
If you are the diehard, always-on, heavy-duty adventurer, definitely wear the crown of the Kingclaw. It carries the most flower out of any offered on the market and you will have bowls and pre-rolls filled by the masses.

How Do I Use an Herb Grinder?

Devices like a weed grinder can look as sharply intimidating as the blades that are within. It can be like a bad infomercial sometimes. it is much less complicated than that and less embarrassing. All you do is take your favorite flower, open the lid of the grinder, then load the flower into the well. Click the lid back on, using the Canna Clawz sleek magnetic system, then twist vigorously using whatever direction you wish to go. The holes and blades will push the flower onto the filter base and when you open it back up, you’ll have a finely ground flower waiting to take you on a voyage.

If you’re feeling extra leafy, pop the kief catcher off the bottom and sprinkle the kief on top of the flower for some pure THC action. Make sure to clean it so it doesn’t get too filthy.
If you are the diehard, always-on, heavy-duty adventurer, definitely wear the crown of the Kingclaw. It carries the most flower out of any offered on the market and you will have bowls and pre-rolls filled by the masses.

How Do I Clean an Herb Grinder?

Cleaning is just as easy as using the grinder. To clean the filter, press in the filter your finger and it comes out for easy rinsing. The kief catcher has ridged edges for simple removal as well. A quick rinse in the sink takes care of everything. Clean it every few days or every few uses so buildup doesn’t get overwhelming.

What is the Main Advantage of Using a Grinder?

It can be annoying to buy extra equipment for anything you do but as far as flower goes, a grinder is a must. The advantage of using a grinder is the consistency and ease of the process. When you have to pick the bud apart with your fingers, you get dirty hands, inconsistently sized pieces, and more time wasted. It is a meticulous process that a Cannaclaw or Kingclaw fixes within a minute.

How Long Does Shipping Take to Get to Me?

We make ordering and shipping superbly simple for you. Use the link below to discover what the process is depending on your area. Domestic shipping takes 2-7 business days typically. We make it easy to return if you are somehow unsatisfied as well.

Learn More About Grinders with Canna Clawz

You are now an expert on grinders and you know the power only Canna Clawz can provide. Shop online at our website and have access to our top-notch grinders anywhere you enjoy cannabis.

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