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If you are a seasoned cannabis smoker, you know how important a grinder is for your tool kit. The smoking process requires breaking down the cannabis flower into more refined pieces.

Properly refined cannabis flowers make it easier for you to roll a joint and even burn properly in a vaporizer. The grinder will help you reap all the benefits cannabis has to offer.

Even though there are various grinders available, the 4-piece grinder is best. Here is what you need to know before choosing a grinder.

What is a 4 Piece Grinder?

A four-piece grinder consists of four pieces with three compartments that break down the cannabis flower into smaller particles. The four-piece grinder works faster than other types of grinders, and it’s a must-have for all herb users.

Compartment 1

The first compartment is called the grinding area, and it consists of two pieces. The grinding area contains sharp blades that cut the herbs and a hole that allows easy passage of the herbs.

Compartment 2

Compartment 2, also known as the storage area, is located below the grinding area. The storage area catches all the ground herbs falling from compartment 1. The bottom of this area consists of a fine screen that only allows for well-grounded herbs to pass through.

Compartment 3

Compartment 3 is also called pollen catcher, and it is the lowest part of the four-piece grinder designed to hold only the potent parts of the herb.

Benefits of Using the 4 Piece Grinder

The four-piece grinder consists of different compartments. Once the first compartment grinds the herb, it moves to the other compartment and onto the next until the final storage area. When you finally collect the herbs, you can trust that you will only collect finer particles.

The four-piece grinders are best for those who like fine herbs and kief that provide a more exhilarating experience. The grinder has an additional chamber on the bottom that collects kief after the grinding process. The bottom chamber also has a mesh that separates the kief from grounded buds.

The four-piece has an airtight seal that prevents any smell from leaking out. If you want to carry the herbs with you without the grinder, the grinder has a detachable storage container.

3-Piece vs. 4-Piece Grinder

Even though both three-piece and four-piece are good grinders, one is better than the other. The three-piece is a bigger step up from the two-piece grinder. It has a good storage space, and the smaller ones allow you to carry them with you.

While it might seem like a good grinder, it isn’t the best. The four-piece grinder offers you portability, usability, and functionality. The extra storage space gives you more room for your herbs.

If you have made up your mind about choosing a four-piece grinder, check out the Cannaclaw and Kingclaw, the two most superior grinders from Canna Clawz.

The Cannaclaw

The Cannaclaw suits a user who likes to carry the grinder with them. It’s small enough to slip into your pocket easily. The grinder has a sleek design, with an alloy grinder that allows you to get only the best grind possible.

Cannaclaw has frictionless interleaved blades to grind efficiently. The screen filter is designed per industry standards to eliminate any gunk, so you don’t have to worry about cleanliness.

The Kingclaw

Designed to handle many herbs, the Kingclaw is one of the best durable alloy grinders. At only 3.5″, the grinder maintains the same precision as the Cannaclaw. Thanks to its design, it’s easy to open and lets you select any kind of flower you want to grind.

Kingclaw’s four interlocked compartments provide stability and high performance. Like Cannaclaw, the grinder comes with a frictionless grinder to give you a finer grinder.

The threadless filter helps you eliminate gunk and keep the grinder clean at all times. The magnetic catcher base lets you save all the kief.

Find the Best Grinders at Canna Clawz

As any herb enthusiast understands, a good grinder collects kief and enhances the quality of your herbs. Canna Clawz four-piece grinders have a light and durable alloy grinder to help transform your herbs into a more refined form.

At Canna Clawz, we have plenty of medical-grade aluminum grinders. We also offer brand ambassador positions for those interested in showing off our products. So shop for a four-piece grinder from us today to transform your herb experience.

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