Why it's Best to Grind Your Cannabis

There are plenty of hotly-debated topics in the cannabis community, many of which you can easily attribute to differences in smoking styles. But what about when it comes to the conversation surrounding weed grinders? Some smokers say that breaking your bud down by hand is good enough… but do you really want to settle for a smoking experience that’s just “good enough”? We didn’t think so.

Here at Canna Clawz, we’re firm believers in the idea that with a little cannabis-centric education, just about every enthusiast would see why a grinder is a necessity. So, we’ve put together a guide to grinding that covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know on the subject.

We’re going to be talking about the benefits of herb grinders, how to use a grinder, and what features to look for when you’re ready to buy one. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to set yourself up for a satisfyingly smooth smoking experience of your own.

What is a Grinder and How Do You Use It for Cannabis?

A grinder is a special tool used to effectively break cannabis bud down into a finer, more even texture. Whether you call it a dry herb grinder, a cannabis grinder, or another nickname, its purpose is the same: to grind cannabis.

Why Do You Grind Cannabis?

Usually, cannabis buds are fairly large and dense. Combine that with their sticky texture, and they can be virtually impossible to roll. So, you have to do a certain amount of pre-rolling preparation – and that’s where a cannabis grinder comes in handy.

When you’re smoking well-ground cannabis, the smaller pieces can be more thoroughly burned. This means that more cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals can be released, maximizing your overall experience. Essentially, using a cannabis grinder is the best way to make the most of every single smoke session.

But why not just break up your bud by hand? Simply put, a grinder is easier and far more efficient. You’ll get a much finer grind with a grinder’s sharp teeth than you could ever achieve with your fingers, and all of your dry herb is contained (so you don’t lose any in the process).

Reasons to Grind Your Cannabis (and How to Do It Properly)

Now, you know the main reason why people grind weed – but what benefits does this method have to offer? As it turns out, you can look forward to a long list of perks, including:

Start your smoke session sooner

Using a cannabis grinder is going to speed up your prep process considerably, so you can get straight to the fun part. Even the stickiest of bud can be successfully ground down within just a few minutes.

Maximize the potential potency of your bud

When you break bud down by hand, you can end up with a lot of the trichomes stuck to your fingers. Unfortunately, the trichomes are where you’ll find much of the potency of cannabis. With a grinder, the trichomes stay on the flower, so they can then end up in your joint.

And when you invest in a higher-end grinder with a kief-catcher feature, you’ll be able to kick your experience up a few more notches. Kief is the collection of crystal formations that are on the ends of trichomes, and it’s wonderfully potent. Instead of wasting your kief on a lower-quality grinder, where it can just get stuck, buy one that’s engineered to collect it all. Use it to top off a bowl or a joint, or even to whip up some DIY edibles!

Enjoy an easier roll and a slower burn

With a finer grind, you’ll feel like a rolling pro. It’s much easier to roll a tight joint with a consistent, even texture. And since you’ll be able to pack it that much tighter (in a joint or a bowl), you can usually expect it to burn much more slowly as well.

How to use a grinder

  1. Open the grinder.
  2. Gently break up any extra-large chunks of bud, then place them into the grinder. Situate them around the edges of the bottom section.
  3. Secure the lid of the grinder. Then, twist/rotate it about 12-15 times. Carefully, open the grinder to check the texture of your weed. If you spot any missed chunks, replace the lip and gently tap the grinder to help loosen them up a bit. Repeat the twisting motion several more times, so that all of the cannabis is evenly ground.
  4. Open up the grinder once more, and gently tap out the cannabis into your joint.
  5. If you’re using a three- or four-chamber grinder, collect your bonus: the kief!
  6. Don’t forget to keep your grinder in perfect working order by regularly cleaning it. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the insides, carefully scraping any leftover stickiness. Rinse it off in clean water, then let it dry completely before you use it again

What to Look for in a Good Cannabis Grinder

Tip #1: More chambers, more options

It might be tempting to grab a cheap, single-chamber grinder – but the extra chambers really are worth it. With a three- or four-chamber grinder, you get to keep all that fantastic kief that would otherwise go to waste. As a result, you score more options for using all of your bud in several different ways.

Tip #2: Look for the teeth

The “teeth” are the blades that will be grinding up the cannabis, making them one of the key features of a grinder. We’ve created a set of interleaved blades that provides precision-level cutting, and gives you two options (coarse or fluffy), depending on which direction you turn the grinder.

Tip #3: Material matters

Metal will always be more durable than plastic or wood, but not all metals are created equally. Look for high-grade metals to get the very best in longevity – because then, your grinder will be built to last.

Tip #4: Grip is important

You don’t want grinding cannabis to end up becoming a dreaded chore, so get yourself a grinder with a grip engineered for comfort. Quality grip means you won’t have to use as much force while grinding, so you can say goodbye to hand cramps and frustration.

Upgrade Your Smoking Experience with Premium Weed Grinders from Canna Clawz

Can you tell we’re pretty passionate about perfectly-ground herbs? An expertly engineered cannabis grinder can make a world of difference in your smoking experience, especially when you know exactly how to use it. In fact, don’t be surprised if you never go back to your pre-grind ways.

As cannabis enthusiasts ourselves, when we realized just how difficult it was to find a high-end weed grinder that measured up to our expectations, we figured – why not just invent one? And thus, Canna Clawz was born.

Our innovative 4-piece grinder is the ultimate smoke-sesh accessory, with every last detail designed to deliver a flawlessly finer grind. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum, our grinders are surprisingly light yet seriously durable. We set out to eliminate all of the most common issues with other chamber grinders: frustrating removal that requires a pick, kief stuck in the grinder, and the like. The final product is a series of the best cannabis grinders on the market today, and a product lineup that we’re proud to call ours.

When you’re ready to elevate your approach to cannabis, add a Canna Clawz metal grinder to your collection. Browse our full selection of weed grinders for sale online to find your favorite now!

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