When you find a high-quality grinder that you truly love, it totally transforms your smoking experience (spoiler alert: our premium grinders definitely qualify as game-changers!). But even as versatile, durable, and high-performance as the best dry herb grinders may be, there are still a few things that can put them out of commission.

Whether you’re just learning how to use a grinder or you consider yourself a seasoned pro, these common mistakes might not be on your radar – but they certainly should be. We’ve rounded up the top four pitfalls to avoid, so you can keep your grinder in fantastic shape for many smoke sessions to come.

What Not to Do with a Cannabis Grinder

1. Don’t leave your grinder lying around.

When you’re working with a seriously impressive grinder, it’s inevitable that certain people might be all too happy to take it off your hands. Unfortunately, a few fellow cannabis enthusiasts might have sticky fingers, and we’re not talking about the kind that comes from quality concentrate.

Keep your grinder close by, and never leave it sitting out or out of sight. Of course, this isn’t something to really worry about when you’re just hanging solo at home or with a few close friends. But if you’re are a casual get-together or something similar, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Don’t overload your grinder.

How much is too much cannabis in a grinder? Well, that depends on the exact one you have. For example, our KingClaw offers an extra-large capacity compared to standard-sized grinders.

But regardless of which grinder you’re using, there’s absolutely zero benefits to overloading your grinder. It might seem tempting to cram in as much herb as you can to save time and effort, but you’ll actually be making yourself work harder. The functionality of your grinder is going to suffer when it’s packed too full, and you can end up wearing it down.

As they say, patience is a virtue – so just grind a modest amount, refill, and repeat.

3. Learn how to remove a grinder screen – and if yours is even removable.

Screens are often a removable component in a huge variety of devices, but you can’t assume that your cannabis grinder screen can be taken out. Actually, detaching the screen from some grinders is the fastest route to permanently breaking them.

The CannaClawz screens are fully removable and replaceable, so feel free to gently pop yours out if needed (no tools necessary!).

4. Keep up with the maintenance.

When it comes to maintenance, grinders only require the bare minimum. A quick, post-grind cleaning can be completed in seconds, and a deeper clean (every few months or so) involves minimal effort.
Invest just a little time in a grinder cleaning routine, and it will pay off in the form of a longer-lasting, better-functioning grinder.

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Using a grinder is the easiest way to upgrade your entire smoking experience, but quality is key – don’t expect a cheap cannabis grinder to blow you away with a smooth, even grind. Instead, choose the highest-grade aluminum grinders on the market and set yourself up for first-class results every time.

CannaClawz has modernized the classic grinder concept, using an innovative design and premium materials to reinvent this longtime staple. From magnetic components to a dual-blade cutting system, plus a kief catcher base and threadless design, our grinders for cannabis are second to none. In fact, many of those mistakes we covered above aren’t even an issue with the Canna Clawz grinders because our design eliminates them altogether!

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