Canna Clawz metal grinders lay open and full of ground cannabis flower

You know what really grinds our gears? Cheaply made grinders that are ineffective and not durable. For those who don’t know, a grinder is the main way you break up your bud before it can be packed or rolled. If you are relatively new to the world of cannabis, you may only be familiar with a plastic “starter” grinder. But if you are looking to up your game, you will definitely want to upgrade to a metal grinder. Keep reading to learn more about why metal grinders are more durable, functionally designed, and a better value for you over the long run.

Metal Grinders Are More Durable

The most obvious reason to switch to a metal grinder is its durability. The grinder will be one of the most frequently handled tools for toking, and nothing is worse than having one break on you when you are ready to go. Plastic grinders can’t really handle the pressure. These are far more fragile and are apt to break with any misapplied force, usually at the most inconvenient times. Metal grinders are far sturdier and will withstand the wear and tear that comes along with regular use. CannaClawz sells the world’s highest-grade aluminum grinders. These are lightweight and compact in design, unlike some heavier, bulkier metal grinders on the market.

A Layered Experience

Plastic grinders are pretty basic. They are composed of just a grinder and sometimes a storage portion for papers. On the other hand, our metal grinders, both the original CannaClaw and the KingClaw, are designed with four different layers:

  1. Dual Cutting Magnetic Lid: Our US-patented magnetic lids are constructed for ease of opening. They also allow you the flexibility to decide how you would like your flower to be ground. Twist left for a coarse consistency or right for a fluffier, full-bodied flower.
  2. Interleaved Blades: Our blades are interleaved for a frictionless grind and streamlined experience. Due to the compactness of the blades, you can carry more herb in your grinder than with other plastic or metal grinders on the market; engineered L-shaped holes deliver efficient push through, coupled with a deep cavity to hold more bud.
  3. Durable Screen Filter: Cannabis cleanup has never been easier than CannaClawz screen filter. Featuring a threadless design, we have eliminated gunk. The screens are easily replaceable, taking away the mess and the stress.
  4. Magnetic Catcher Base: The CannaClaw has not one but two magnetic features. Our magnetic kief catcher base allows you to get the most bang for your bud. (Read more about why a kief catcher is so important below.)

Built-in Kief Catcher

Ever wonder about those tiny, sticky crystals that coat your cannabis? That is kief, also known as dry sift or pollen. They contain many of the terpenes and cannabinoids that make cannabis so unique. Plastic grinders do not have built-in kief catchers, meaning that when you grind with plastic, you are missing out by wasting this precious, potent plant matter. Metal grinders let you save it for later, with the addition of a kief catcher. You’ll never waste your precious bud with CannaClawz’s expertly designed mechanism that captures the excess kief so you can save it for sprinkling on top of your next joint. You will be maximizing your experience.

Ready to Get Metal? Shop Canna Clawz for Premium Metal Cannabis Grinders

Suppose you are ready to elevate your experience, shop Canna Clawz for the highest quality metal grinders on the market. You can choose from either our original Canna Clawz design or treat yourself to the top-of-the-line grinder, our KingClaw. Best of all, we ship anywhere in the world, meaning you don’t need to make an extra trip to the store for pickup. We are proud to deliver our premium products designed for durability and longevity for the best price. Visit our website to shop all cannabis accessories, choose the right metal grinder for you, and finally sink your claws into Canna Clawz. American Made!

Image Source: Branding Pot / Shutterstock