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They’re almost mesmerizing: the shining, crystalline structures that give our favorite plant its inspiring qualities. Kief contains the highest accumulation of the ultra-rich, luminous resin trichomes that give cannabis its magic, and it’s incredibly useful for creating edibles or to sprinkle on top of your best bud for a more potent experience. If you want to collect more of these beautiful trichome-rich gems and take your herb further, enjoy these tips for getting the most kief from your grinder – whether you have a specialty-made kief grinder or not.

How To Collect More Kief

The easiest way to get kief out of a grinder is, to begin with, the right grinder because they aren’t all made with kief collection in mind. This is exactly what the CannaClawz goal is; but if you don’t have one yet, you can still make do. We’ve assembled five effective methods to get more kief from your favorite flower, for your pure smoking delight.

Don’t Grind Too Much Herb At A Time

Grinding too much at once prevents the herb from sifting properly, which is what it’s all about. Just as engines and your stomach require an adequate amount of air to process their contents, your kief grinder will work best when not overloaded. It’s just as Lao Tzu put it (and we’re pretty sure he smoked):

“Clay is shaped to make the pot, but what is useful is its emptiness.”

If you’re wondering how to get kief out of the grinder screen as efficiently as possible, you’ll counter-intuitively be better off grinding only the amount needed at a time, and no more. If you are trying to collect more kief, we recommend storing it elsewhere as the grinder itself becomes overloaded.

Dry Nugs Will Yield More Kief

When dry, kief will naturally fall off on its own, so using dry nugs is one of the best ways to get kief out of your grinder. Flower that’s more coarse practically volunteers itself for kief collection duties, and the driest weed you’ve got should be first in line for your next kief-foraging smoke sessions.

Let your sticky icky lose some of its sap-like moisture before trying to grind it. In fact, sticky buds are actually the perfect choice for sprinkling on the bountiful kief you’ve already collected. If you want to dry your buds more quickly, on the other hand, you can:

Get Your Kief Loose By Using A Freezer

It only takes about 10 minutes for cannabis to reach the right level of dryness. Don’t freeze it longer than about 30 minutes, or you’ll risk reducing its potency. Be aware that this will change the flavor of the herb slightly, so if you have an excellent strain selected particularly for its tasty smokeability, you may want to forego the freezer and try this with a different strain instead.

Keep It In a Stash Jar

The oceans agree: plastic, bad. Glass is definitely a better alternative. Haven’t you noticed how kief naturally accumulates at the bottom of a glass stash jar, for easy retrieval? On the contrary, plastic baggies will cause the kief to stick uselessly to the side of the bag, where removal is difficult and almost impossible. Might as well let a superior material do the work for you.

Speaking of optimal material, this is one reason the CannaClawz grinder – made particularly for most efficiently collecting kief – is made out of durable, medical-grade aluminum and was designed to prevent the bud from sticking to it.

Clean Your Grinder

A clean grinder does its job so much more smoothly. The CannaClawz kief grinder is made to prevent resin from building up in the first place with its threadless design, achieved using ultra-reliable neodymium magnets instead. This means no resin-like gunk accumulates in hard-to-remove metal threads like in most grinders. The design of the non-stick, stainless steel pins further reduces the tendency of sticky residue to accumulate. Removing weed stuck in the pins is made even easier due to the smooth profile of the radius ridge design (no pick required!) meaning kief doesn’t stick, to begin with.

For more typical grinders, cleaning may not be such a breeze. That makes more frequent cleaning all the more important. The most effective method is to clean it with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush, especially with the screen, being the most essential component for collecting kief. The more you clean it, the easier it becomes each time – and the more kief you will get from your grinder.

If you’re cleaning your CannaClawz kief grinder, notice that the screen pops in and out with simple finger pressure, allowing it to be cleaned more thoroughly (or even replaced). Then, just as simply pop it securely back into the inline grooves – and it’s as good as new!

Taking “the Grind” Out of Kief Extraction

To make your sessions a thing of beauty, CannaClawz is aimed at bringing you the highest-quality, medical-grade aluminum grinders imaginable. Our assortment of CannaClawz grinders is the highest functioning and most spacious grinders on the market. An anodized, bright finish makes them way too attractive, and there are several colors to choose from. Their interleaved blades shred your blends perfectly and even create a different grade of coarseness depending on which direction you turn it!

Look no further than a CannaClawz kief grinder if you’re looking for the single best way to get kief; and if you love it as much as us, we’d like to invite you to join our brand ambassador program, and get rewarded for spreading the word.

Image Source: Dmytro Tyshchenko / Shutterstock

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