A CannaClaw grinder full of kief as CannaClaw lists cleaning tips for your grinder

Once you’ve upgraded to a high-quality cannabis grinder, there’s no going back because it elevates your smoking experience to an entirely new level. And if you want to keep the good times going, you’ll need to learn how to clean a grinder properly.

Nothing throws off a great smoke session like a dirty or clogged grinder. If you’re not regularly cleaning your grinder pieces, you’re going to end up facing a pretty frustrating situation – and you’ll be left high and dry (or rather, not high) without a grinder for your weed.

We’ve put together a quick and easy guide that explains how to clean your grinder with minimal hassle, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time smoking. With these handy tips and consistent cleaning – plus one of our industry-leading dry herb grinders – you’ll get stuck with a dirty grinder again.

What You Need to Clean a Grinder

Even though there are several different styles of grinders, ranging from basic single-chamber designs to the higher-end four-chamber options, they all function basically the same way: when you twist the components of the grinder, it presses the bud into a set of sharp, grinding teeth to break up the pieces.

Over time, leftover plant matter, sticky cannabis resin, and powdery kief build up inside the grinder. Even the most innovative designs (like our threadless, no-gunk grinders) will eventually need a quick tidy-up.

Before you start, here’s what you need to properly clean a weed grinder:

When You Should Clean Your Grinder

There are a few signs that it’s time to clean out your cannabis grinder:

If you tend to stick to the same strain and use your grinder frequently, you don’t necessarily have to clean your grinder every day. Instead, every other day is a good rule of thumb. But if you don’t use your grinder that often, clean it after every use to avoid stale residue (and maybe consider a new grinder that you’ll want to enjoy more often!).

How to Clean a Grinder: Step-by-Step Process

What’s the best way to clean a grinder? As it turns out, that’s kind of a trick question. There’s not necessarily a single “best” way because there are two methods you can use – and the right one comes down to personal preference.

The first method is quick and simple, but you won’t be able to save the extra plant material that’s accumulated in your grinder. On the other hand, the second method takes a bit more time, but it spells out how to clean a grinder and save kief. If you prefer the easier method, just make sure that you deep clean the grinder any time it gets clogged.

Note: This guide is for metal grinders, which tends to be the most popular – and the only material we recommend for weed grinders. However, if you have a plastic, stone, or wood grinder, make sure you follow the care instructions that came with it.

Method 1: Quick Clean Your Grinder

  1. Take apart the dirty grinder. First, disassemble your grinder and completely separate each of its chambers. If there’s any excess plant material, just dump it into a jar or bag to save for later.
  2. Soak the grinder in isopropyl alcohol. Place your grinder into a watertight container (a glass jar or zip-top bag works well), then fill the container with enough alcohol to cover all of the grinder’s pieces. Let it soak for 20-30 minutes, gently shaking/swirling the container to help break down plant residue.
  3. Scrub the grinder clean. Remove the grinder pieces from the alcohol. Using a stiff-bristled brush, carefully scrub each piece. Make sure you wash each of the chambers, pay close attention to the grinder teeth, and thoroughly scour the lids.
  4. Rinse the grinder and dry it. Use clean, warm water to rinse off all pieces of the grinder, washing away all remnants of the alcohol and/or plant pieces. Using a clean towel, carefully dry the pieces. Once it has dried completely, the grinder is ready to use!

Method 2: Deep Clean Your Grinder

  1. Disassemble the grinder. Take the grinder apart, separating the chambers. Be very careful not to spill any leftover plant material, which you’ll dump onto a plate or bowl (you’ll collect the rest of the residue in the next step).
  2. Put the grinder in the freezer. Set each grinder piece in an upright position inside the freezer, and leave it in there for at least 30 minutes. Any plant residue will form into small, stiff clumps and be far less sticky – and much easier to scrape out.
  3. Harvest the plant matter/residue. Take the grinder out of the freezer. Then, use a toothpick and a small (soft) brush to gently remove as much plant material as possible. Do this over the plate/bowl, so you can easily collect it as it comes loose. Don’t forget to scrape alongside the chambers’ edges, alongside the grinder teeth, and around the chambers’ lids. Every little bit counts, especially because most of the residue (particularly the kief) is impressively potent.
  4. Soak the grinder parts in alcohol. After you’ve collected as much leftover residue as you can, fully submerge your grinder pieces in isopropyl alcohol. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, gently swirling the container the pieces are soaking in to help loosen any stubborn plant material.
  5. Clean completely. Once the grinder is done soaking, you’re going to go in with a toothbrush to really scrub it clean. This step will help you make sure you get rid of any gunk that’s clogging your grinder.
  6. Rinse it off and dry. Using clean, warm water, rinse the grinder thoroughly. Then, dry it off with a shed-free towel. Once it’s dry, you can use it again.

The Parts of the Grinder You’ll Need to Clean

So, which grinder pieces have to be cleaned? Essentially, if it comes into contact with cannabis, you should expect to include it in the cleaning routine. This includes the grinder teeth, screen, lids, and chambers.

Tools to Make the Job Easier

We’ve covered the basic supplies for cleaning cannabis grinders above, but there are a few other items that will simplify the process.

A conveniently-sized tray with curved edges can be the perfect place to put leftover plant material and kief while you’re cleaning, so not a single shred is wasted.

Other than that, the best way to clean a cannabis grinder with zero hassle is to invest in a high-quality grinder in the first place. Poorly-made grinders get gunked up much easier, so you’re going to be constantly cleaning out clogs and trying to get kief unstuck. But with the premium-grade grinders from Canna Clawz, every last detail has been engineered for an outstanding experience:

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