A Canna Clawz grinder basin full of ground cannabis flower and a smoking paper filled with the same

Both new and seasoned consumers often wonder: how fine should you grind cannabis?

If you grind cannabis too finely, you end up with an unusable powder. On the other hand, too coarse of a grind virtually cancels out any of the possible perks of grinding cannabis. So, exactly what does the perfect grind look like – and how do you get there?

Your guide to grinding cannabis, courtesy of the Canna Clawz team

While it’s true that properly grinding cannabis is somewhat of a science, that doesn’t mean it has to be overly complicated. With the right weed grinder and a solid technique, your smoking experience will get a major upgrade.

Here at Canna Clawz, saying that we’re pretty passionate about achieving a quality grind would be a bit of an understatement. After all, our entire brand is founded on the belief that a premium cannabis grinder can be a complete game-changer. So, who better than us to break down the basics of grinding cannabis?

Today, we’re going to cover how to get the perfect grind, including how fine of a texture you should aim for and what you need to get the job done.

Why Grind Cannabis at All?

Before we dive into the “how” of cannabis grinding, let’s talk about the “why.” There are a few key benefits to grinding weed, all of which are going to improve your overall experience:

How Fine Should You Grind Weed?

The perfect grind isn’t so fine that the structure of the flower/bud is completely destroyed, but fine enough that it can be spread/burned evenly.

You don’t want it to look like powder because that won’t produce a quality burn. Also, too fine of a grind can be overpoweringly strong when vaped or smoked in rolls or bowls. Conversely, an inconsistent or too-large of a grind isn’t right either.

Above all, the most important quality of a perfect grind is consistency. All of the pieces should be about the same size, without any random large chunks. Around 1-2mm is a good rule of thumb for size, but it’s okay for a few pieces to be slightly longer. As long as the shorter side of a piece’s diameter comes close to 1mm, you should be good to go.

It can be useful to have a frame of reference for what a good grind looks like. Envision the Italian seasoning herb mix you would find in any grocery store, tobacco pieces in a standard cigarette, or even tea that’s been pre-ground: all of these products are ground to consistent size and texture.

How Do You Grind Weed Properly?

Now that you know what a perfect grind should look like, the next question is: what’s the best grinder for cannabis if you want to achieve a quality grind?

Again, consistency is critical, so look for a high-quality grinder specifically designed to produce a consistent final product. If you want to experiment with the texture of your grind (and we definitely recommend that you do), try a grinder with interleaved blades that allow you to customize the level of coarseness. Hint: that’s exactly why we designed the Canna Claws grinders with precision blades with an interleaved design!

Perfect Your Grind with Canna Clawz

If you’re struggling to grind your cannabis, it might not be your fault – odds are, you just need a better grinder. Canna Clawz grinders are engineered to deliver the ultimate grind, no frustration required.

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