Searching for the perfect cannabis gifts for friends or family – or maybe even yourself? We have you covered with our 2021 cannabis guide, grinder (and more) edition!

As it turns out, shopping for a cannabis enthusiast might just be the easiest gift hunting you do all year. With a broad range of cannabis accessories and products to choose from, you can easily find everything from inexpensive stocking stuffers to big-ticket items. Even for the seasoned smoker that seems to have everything, there are more than a few great cannabis gift ideas.

Get ready to make a serious dent in your gift shopping list with our cannabis grinder gift guide now!

2021 Guide: Ideas for Cannabis Gifts

1. The CannaClawz tray

Oftentimes, the gifts you appreciate most are the ones you’ll actually use every single day – and that’s exactly what our rolling trays have to offer. It’s the perfect mix of form and function, designed to provide a useful space to keep cannabis contained during rolling, and look good while doing it. Curved edges allow for easy cleaning, while the exterior lip minimizes mess. Four color options mean that you can choose a rolling tray that flawlessly matches the recipient’s style.

2. A CannaStik

If you want to give a big gift on a small budget, look no further than the CannaStik. The CannaStick is the one-hitter pipe that every cannabis smoker should have, with an intelligently-engineered design that stands out from any other.

With a lightweight, compact structure, it fits easily into any pocket or purse. So, a satisfying hit is always on hand, even when you’re on the go. Plus, even though it’s made with high-grade 6061 alloy, this top-quality one-hitter is surprisingly affordable.

3. A cannabis keychain packer

This cannabis stocking stuffer is an incredibly useful tool, making packing cannabis easier than ever. Our keychain stuffer can be attached to house/car keys for easy access, and the 4-inch size is compact yet impressively effective. The dual-purpose design lets you turn this packer into a self-defense tool in a split second, plus peace of mind.

4. An upgraded cannabis grinder

You’d be surprised at how many people are working with a subpar grinder and just how much that affects the smoking experience. For a gift that will totally change the recipient’s smoking game, get a premium-quality cannabis grinder like the CannaClaw. With precision-blade technology, frictionless blades, a smart kief catcher, and other features, it’s might just be the best gift you ever give or get.

5. An extra-large grinder for social smoke sessions

If you’re shopping for someone that already has a great cannabis grinder, you might consider buying them a wow-worthy model with expanded capacity. For example, our KingClaw boasts a 3.5-inch diameter and tons of extra capacity for flower, so it’s easy to grind enough cannabis to share without sacrificing quality.

6. Quality storage for fresh ground flower

Moisture, heat, and light can wreak havoc on flower, so effective storage is a must. Factors like humidity and UV light can degrade the quality of cannabis and even lead to chemical conversions that affect the overall consumption experience.

So, the best cannabis storage options share a few key qualities: an air-tight seal to keep out moisture, an opaque material to avoid light exposure and a relatively compact size for convenience.

7. A carrying case for a grinder and other accessories

Both casual and serious smokers often find it frustrating to keep all of their cannabis accessories organized – and when it’s time to pack it all up and hit the road, it can be a huge hassle.

But a stylish carrying case is the perfect way to keep a cannabis grinder (and everything else) within easy reach while also protecting items from the wear and tear of life on the go. Plus, it’s a handy option for staying discreet and securing valuable items from would-be thieves.

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