How Fine Should You Grind Your Cannabis?

Both new and seasoned consumers often wonder: how fine should you grind cannabis? If you grind cannabis too finely, you end up with an unusable powder. On the other hand, too coarse of a grind virtually cancels out any of the possible perks of grinding cannabis. So, exactly what does the perfect grind look like […]

8 Interesting Facts About Cannabis Grinders

At first glance, a cannabis grinder seems like a pretty commonplace accessory – but don’t be fooled by its unassuming appearance! Even though grinders don’t usually get much attention, they’re a surprisingly interesting part of the past, present, and future of cannabis. We’re counting down eight interesting facts about weed grinders, from their centuries-long history […]

Signs You May Need a New Cannabis Grinder

The lifespan of a grinder depends on a few different factors, including how often you use it and its overall quality. But even the best herb grinders don’t last forever – and knowing when it’s time to replace yours is key. If you have a grinder that’s broken, you don’t exactly have to wonder if […]

History of the Cannabis Grinder

Like many things in the world of cannabis, grinders have a history that dates back farther than you might expect. Even before it was a staple of the cannabis industry, the grinder was coming in handy in plenty of different ways. Whether you know it as a dry herb grinder, a cannabis grinder, or a […]

Tips on How to Clean your Cannabis Grinder

Once you’ve upgraded to a high-quality cannabis grinder, there’s no going back because it elevates your smoking experience to an entirely new level. And if you want to keep the good times going, you’ll need to learn how to clean a grinder properly. Nothing throws off a great smoke session like a dirty or clogged […]

Why it’s Best to Grind Your Cannabis

There are plenty of hotly-debated topics in the cannabis community, many of which you can easily attribute to differences in smoking styles. But what about when it comes to the conversation surrounding weed grinders? Some smokers say that breaking your bud down by hand is good enough… but do you really want to settle for […]