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2.5” diameter

The CannaClaw

Our premier compact grinder, designed for those on the go who liked to be prepared for any time the moment strikes!

3.5” diameter

The KingClaw

The name speaks for itself, our top of the line precision herb grinder, designed to handle heavy amounts with precision and quality.

Unique Features

1. Magnetic Lid

Dual Cutting Blade System: U.S Patent Approved
Coarse & Fluffy: results based on the direction
Aerospace Grade Aluminum: life lasting material
Anodized Polish Finish: several colors to choose from

2. Interleaved Blades

Deep Cavity: holds more product
Friction-less Blades: precision spacing for superior results
Engineered Holes Pattern: turning L forces product through holes
Threadless Throughout: neodymium magnets and steel pins

3. Durable Screen Filter

Threadless Design: eliminates gunked up threaded experience of inferior designs
Replaceable Screens: securely set with the inline grooves
No Tools Required: apply pressure of the finger to remove and replace

4. Magnetic Catcher Base

Bottom Kief Catcher: spherical dish base “no ridge”
Super Smooth: high quality finish
No Pick Required: radius ridge design allows for easy removal

Limited Edition

A unique set of custom artwork grinders. Made by Chicago, IL based graphic artist Michael Olivera, these grinders are stunning! Airbrushed and sealed with a clear finish. You decide whether to use or display these exquisite pieces of functional art. 2.5″ and one of a kind.

Bushido Blue

Violet Wisp

Nebula Rising

Jade Smoke

COLOR Your Claw

Made In The USA

Designed & manufactured right here in the states.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products and services!

World Class Support

Our support team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have!

Patented Blade Design

Our interleaved blade system is a patented blade design!

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